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Meet Our Team

Core Members
The Whole Team



   - 2 permanent

   - 5 under contract

Simulation Engineers:


   - 2 permanent

   - 2 under contract

 Sebastian Radu

Head of      



Product development projects experience: - Engines, Energy Systems (Heat Pump), Mobile Fluid Power

Engine: OPOC engines, heat pump: design: models; drafting; metal stamping tools for automotive industry

Design / Software Systems: Engine, Fluid Power Systems Design : Catia V5 (Advanced: Part  Design, Assembly design, Generative Shape design, Drafting, Quick Surface Reconstruction, Digitized Shape Editor, DMU Kinematics, Knowledge ware Advisor), Pro Engineer (2D and 3D design), FEA Patran -Nastran, Customers: Ecomotors, Auto-kabel GmbH, Semanatoarea 3d design for Combine Harvesters, C-CON (third part consultancy for major automotive manufacturer)



   - 5 (20+ years experience / PhD)

   - Internal combustion engines / Piston dynamics / CFD / FEA / Fluid Power / Dynamic waves in gases and liquids / NVH


Abaitancei Horia

 Founder & CTO

   Product development & Simulation Projects Experience: - Engines, Energy Systems (Heat Pump), Mobile Fluid Power, CFD

  Engine: OPOC engines, heat pump: PM, connection to suppliers: CFD,  gas dynamics wave propagation , supercharging ,  heat transfer, friction analysis, injection systems wave propagation analysis.

   Mobile Fluid Power: Systems design , dynamic process analysis, CFD

   Customers during activity: ThermoLift (USA) Ecomotors (USA), Renault (RO), Renault Tehnologie Roumanie, Cambric / Tata Technologies (RO), Hofer (DE), Hyundai Motor Engine Research Center Europe (DE), Hydramold (RO), Hidraulica (RO), Schaeffler Technologies (DE).

   Simulation Tools:  CFD: AVL Fire/Boost; Ricardo Wave, X Flow, Multiphysics: Amesim, Easy 5, FEA: Nastran, self developed dynamic system models for thermodynamic and fluid power work cycles)

   Management: Manager Engineering Center Proof of Concept (Schaeffler Romania), Laboratory of Fluid Power and Sonics (University Transilvania Brasov, Romania)

 Teodor Poienaru

Head of      

System Design Department


Product Development Mechanical Engineer, with Formula Student background , having a  passion for R&D of new engineering solutions, and implementing them into different product ideas.

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